What is
                Borate Biological Glass? Biological glass materials are
                not new to the medical field. The most widely researched
                biological glass material, designated as 45S5, is
                sometimes referred to by it’s commercial name as
                “BioGlass®.” This silicate-based glass material has been
                reported on for nearly 40 years. Existing veterinary
                products utilizing this 40 year old technology include
                the Consil® family of products as well as Velocity® Bone
                Putty. RediHeal is based upon a REVOLUTIONARY new borate
                biological glass. Borate glass compositions are
                biocompatible and bioactive in a mammals. Because of
                lower chemical durability borate glass reacts
                substantially faster with the body’s fluids than
                silicate based bioactive glasses to form an initial
                amorphous calcium-rich phosphate material which
                eventually becomes hydroxyapatite (HA). Borate glasses
                have several important advantages for biological use
                such as their ease of preparation, ability to be made in
                to glass particulates, microspheres or fibers at
                relatively low temperatures without crystallization, and
                particularly their biocompatibility and high degree of
                bioactivity. Because of its lower chemical durability,
                bioactive glass reacts quicker and more completely than
                traditional silicate glass. Unlike silicate-based
                glasses, borate biological glasses can be manufactured
                into many forms. RediHeal Wound Care and RediHeal Dental
                have different trace elements but are both formed in an
                easy to handle “Cotton Candy” type material. RediHeal
                Bone Putty is a particulate form of the borate glass
                that has been bound together to create an easy to use,
                formable putty. How does it work? Wound Care: RediHeal
                is a borate-based biological glass that contains trace
                elements to promote a strong angiogenic response. The
                borate glass reacts with the body’s fluids quickly,
                releasing elements that stimulate the body to generate
                new blood vessels. This improves the blood supply to the
                wound, allowing the body’s normal healing processes to
                take over. RediHeal also provides a healing scaffold
                physically similar to the microstructure of fibrin that
                forms the basis of a blood clot. The nanofiber structure
                imitates fibrin and traps blood platelets allowing the
                formation of a wound cover that supports the healing
                process. Dental & Bone Putty: The bonding of borate-
                based biological glass to bone has been attributed to
                the formation of a carbonate substituted
                hydroxyapatite-like (HCA) layer on the glass surface in
                contact with the body fluid. Because this HCA layer is
                similar to the mineral constituent of bone, it bonds
                firmly with living bone and tissue. While some details
                of the chemical and structural changes are not clear,
                the HCA layer is generally believed to form as a result
                of a sequence of reactions on the surface of the
                bioactive glass implant

Rahaman MN et al. Bioactive glass in tissue engineering. Acta Biomater (2011), doi:10.1016/j.actbio.2011.03.016

                News on RediHeal Technology RediHeal is a borate-based
                biological glass technology. The same technology is
                currently being researched for use in humans under the
                name DermaFuse. The material has been well studied in
                animals and is available today for veterinary
                applications from Avalon Medical under the brand name
                RediHeal. The news report to the left is a story done on
                the human applications but does a good job of describing
                the material and how it works.
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